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painter working on a lift in Independence, MO painter working on a lift in Independence, MO

Commercial Painters and Carpentry Contractors in Independence, MO

At Major Painting, we are proud to offer a wide variety of professional painting and carpentry services to our customers located in Independence, MO. Our extensive painting and carpentry experience enables our painting company to perform each of our projects efficiently and effectively. If you are looking for carpentry contractors and commercial painters near Independence, MO, look no further than our experienced painting company!

How Our Painting Company Serves Independence, MO

At Major Painting, we understand the importance of preserving the history of Independence, MO, while simultaneously enhancing modern retail buildings, entertainment venues, restaurants, and more! With our level of expertise, attention to detail, and use of only the highest quality materials, our commercial painters near Independence, MO will ensure your commercial building (old or new) is left in excellent, lasting condition.

Our Commercial Painting and Carpentry Services

Our carpentry contractors and commercial painters near Independence, MO, take your commercial painting needs to the next level. With over 30 years of experience, our painting contractors make sure to efficiently and effectively execute each painting project.

  • Commercial Exterior Painters in Independence, MO

    The exterior of your commercial building is a direct reflection of your business. That is why our professional painters take their time when painting the exterior of your commercial building. With our exterior painting services, our skilled exterior painters near Independence, MO will help restore older commercial buildings to their former glory, as well as aid modern buildings in serving an excellent first impression, keeping each building protected at the same time. Check out our Commercial Exterior Painting page to learn more about our commercial exterior painting services!

  • Commercial Interior Painters in Independence, MO

    Interior painting services can make business owners hesitant because they do not want to slow down business operations. At Major Painting, our interior painters in Independence, MO understand your concerns and will work with you to schedule interior painting services at a time that is best for you and your business, minimizing the impact on employees and your day-to-day operations. View our Commercial Interior Painting page for more information about our commercial interior painting services!

  • Office Remodel

    If your office space, flex warehouse, tenant space, or commercial building in Independence, MO, is in need of an office remodel, let Major Painting be the one to help you! We provide exceptional office remodel services at a reasonable price since the vast majority of our capabilities are completed by our in-house commercial carpenters. Through our office remodel capabilities, we can create a usable and inviting office space or retail space for your customers. Feel free to check out our Office Remodel page to learn more about our office remodel services.

  • Flooring Installation Near Independence, MO

    Whether you are looking to heighten the look and feel of your retail space or are wanting to extend the life of your commercial building’s exterior walkways, our flooring company near Independence, MO can help. With our extensive list of commercial flooring options, our flooring contractors can provide the perfect flooring solution for your commercial building! For more information regarding our commercial flooring installation near Independence, MO, check out our Commercial Flooring page!

  • Caulking

    At Major Painting, our commercial painters provide quality commercial joint caulking services to help business owners in Independence, MO ensure their building is sealed from weather and potential water damage. To learn more about our commercial joint caulking services, take a look at our Caulking page.

  • Wood Rot Repair

    In order to ensure the structural integrity of both historic and new buildings throughout Independence, MO, wood rot repair is crucial. With our wood rot repair services, our team of knowledgeable carpentry contractors and painters near Independence will inspect your building for signs of wood rot, make any necessary repairs, and repaint your building to significantly reduce the chances of future occurrences. For more information regarding our commercial wood rot repair services, check out our Commercial Wood Rot Repair page.

  • Waterproofing

    With Independence, MO’s humid climate, waterproofing services are essential for preventing moisture intrusion and preserving the structural integrity of commercial buildings throughout the area. At Major Painting, our skilled commercial painters specialize in a variety of waterproofing services and will work to ensure your commercial building stays dry and in superb condition. Explore our Commercial Waterproofing page to learn more about our commercial waterproofing services.

  • Wallpaper Removal

    For older buildings throughout Independence, MO, old, outdated wallpaper could be hiding mold and mildew, contributing to poor air quality and damaged drywall. With our wallpaper removal services, our commercial interior painters and carpentry contractors will remove your building’s old wallpaper in a timely manner, repair any hidden issues, and repaint your walls for a fresh, updated look. To learn more about our wallpaper removal services, check out our Commercial Wallpaper Removal page.

Our Residential Painting and Carpentry Services for Independence, MO Businesses

In addition to our commercial services, we also fulfill a limited number of residential painting and carpentry projects to residents throughout Independence, MO. Our residential services include exterior and interior painting, garage flooring installation and repair, kitchen cabinet painting, waterproofing, and wood rot repair. For further information regarding our residential painting and carpentry services, check out our Residential page.

Why Choose Our Painting Company

Besides being hard-working and professional painters, our commercial painting contractors are also safety certified. These safety certifications ensure not only our painters’ safety but also all those who may enter the job site. If you need painting, office remodel, or other carpentry services, our painters in Independence, MO are experienced and have the proper certifications to get the job done safely and professionally.

If you are ready to get started on a new painting or commercial carpentry project, please don’t hesitate to contact our painters near Independence, MO today!

Independence, MO Project Highlights

To better understand our commercial painting and carpentry capabilities, check out a project we completed in Independence, MO!

after exterior painting and sealing
before commercial exterior painting

Reviews from Independence Customers

5 Star Review on Google | Location: Independence, MO

"Major Painting cleaned and painted our 28,000 square foot commercial property located at 18900 E. Valley View, Independence, Mo. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Steve picked the colors and nailed it. Great Company."
- Kyle Harris

Serving Independence, MO

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of commercial buildings do you serve throughout Independence, MO?

Great question! At Major Painting, our interior and exterior painters are equipped to serve various types of commercial buildings throughout Independence, including, but not limited to, medical buildings, retail buildings, office buildings, warehouses, and industrial buildings. To learn if our team is the right fit for your project, feel free to contact us today!

My store’s interior needs to be repainted; will I need to close the store while you are painting?

No! Our interior painters at Major Painting will work with you and communicate any needed requests to ensure a smooth project with as little disruption to your business as possible. We also offer after-hours painting upon request. For more information regarding our commercial interior painting process, contact us today!


Ready to Start Your Next Commercial Project?

We would love to chat with you in more detail about your upcoming commercial painting, remodel, or carpentry project. 

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