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Repair Wood Rot Before the Painting Process

You may have decided that your home is in need of a fresh paint job, but what happens when you discover rotting wood upon closer examination?

Wood rot can lead to structural problems like deterioration of beams and posts, the floor, or other areas hidden from view. It is essential to understand what causes wood to rot to prevent it from happening.

exposed wood subjected to the elements causing wood rot

What is Wood Rot?

Wood is a common building material, so wood rot is quite a prevalent issue. It is a form of decay set off by moisture and fungi. Continuously damp, unprotected wood surfaces are easily susceptible.

Places Where Rotting Wood is Most Common

  1. Windows - A poorly sealed window could result in the rain soaking the wood beneath the window. Older windows are at higher risk because moisture or rain can collect on the sill.
  2. Doors - Cracks between a door and the siding can allow water to enter. The rot can occur in the wood framing as well.
  3. Outside Decks - Decking boards may be treated for water resistance, but are not waterproof, and they can still rot.
  4. Basements – Basements are a prime place for high humidity and moisture levels.
  5. Other Rooms - Check any room with pipes or plumbing, such as the laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen. Water supply lines can cause leaks.
  6. Roofing and Attic - Water can seep into missing shingles and soak the lumber used to build the attic.

Signs of Wood Rot

When inspecting your home for wood rot, check for these tell-tale signs:

  • Weak, brittle, or crumbling wood
  • Wood that feels spongy or soft
  • Powdery residue or buildup
  • Damaged or ruined paint
  • Growing mold

Preventative Measures

One surefire way to help prevent wood rot from occurring in your home is to keep your home’s paint in good condition and repaint when necessary. Unpainted and unprotected wood surfaces are most vulnerable to wood rot.

Don’t Paint Over Wood Rot

Wood rot should be repaired as soon as possible and then a fresh coat of paint should be applied. Painting over wood rot can cause paint to dry cracked and bubbly and moisture from the wood will compromise the color.

If you are unsure if your home has wood rot, or if you are in need of wood rot repair and a fresh coat of paint, contact us at Major Painting today!

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