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The "Bulletproof" Garage Epoxy Coating System


Surfaces in a garage are typically one of the most abused areas inside of your home. When thinking about giving your garage a makeover, the choice of material matters. This is no truer than when a homeowner selects a coating for the floors and walls in their garage. 

Your garage floors and walls see a much different environment than any area inside the home. Typically the garage faces much harsher conditions, whether it's tools and chemicals used in your automobile, or in your yard, basketballs dribbling, hot tires, or being constantly wet during winter months, we can protect them.

Our “bulletproof garage”, the system uses two of the most durable products available for your walls and floors. 

Your walls will receive Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint. A highly durable paint that resists scuffs and marring. It a commonly used in highly trafficked commercial environments because of its ability to hold up to wear and tear, in the sheen of your choosing. 

Your floors will be finish-coated with PPG PSX700. A two-component Poly-Siloxane used on Naval Battle Ships because of its excellent durability and color retention that outperforms traditional urethanes and epoxy mastic products.

Here are pictures of the process:


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At Major Painting, our trained and certified team members can install High Performance Floor Coatings from Polyaspartic to Polysiloxane, decorative flake or quartz, even metallic floors, all of which will add a new look and feel to your garage floor. For more epoxy garage ideas or to learn more about our residential concrete coatings services, contact our team today

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